The CEP Core-Plus

Workforce Housing Fund

The CEP Core-Plus Workforce Housing Fund is now open for investment. Ready to get started?

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Invest alongside the CEP Multifamily team and our four decades of experience.  We have successfully operated and invested in multifamily real estate through multiple economic cycles.  Our conservative core-plus strategy generates quarterly cash flow and appreciation over time, providing investors with tax-advantaged, balanced returns.

The Workforce Housing Fund

3-5 Properties

Diversified Across Northwest

7 Years

Anticipated Life of Fund

100k Investment

MiniMum Investment Amount

Targeted Returns

Yield driven investments in multifamily real estate

Our investors come first. If investors do not receive their preferred return according to the investor class and return of capital, we do not participate in profits.  Download our investment deck for more details on investor classes.


Average Cash on Return


Return Multiple


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Average Annual Return (AAR)

Examples of Historical Performance


Purchase Price:  $25,500,000
Sale Price:  $54,500,000
Return Multiple:  4.21
Actual Gross IRR:  24.90%
Targeted Gross IRR:  14.64%
Average Annual Return:  45.70%

Kent Prairie

Purchase Price:  $9,030,000
Sale Price:  $22,500,000
Return Multiple:  4.78
Actual Gross IRR:  23.88%
Targeted Gross IRR:  16.43%
Average Annual Return:  39.77%

Just a few of our success stories

“I have been investing with CEP for a dozen years.  The CEP principals are excellent people who know their business and their market.  On average, the investments have over-performed expectations, providing steady cash flow, and higher than expected returns.  CEP is a critical part of my investment strategy.”

Investor Since 2008

“I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by CEP over the years. CEP has delivered strong returns consistently exceeding their initial projections. They reliably deliver quarterly cash flow checks which I rarely see from my other real estate investments. Delivering balanced returns starts with making quarterly distributions to investors and CEP really delivers!”


Investor since 2009

“Adding CEP multifamily real estate investments to my portfolio has been a solid move. The multifamily assets have produced exceptional returns and generated excellent tax shelter for my income. CEP is a true operator; they know how to find great properties and positions them to generate strong returns.”

Investor Since 2013

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