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We apply our core+ strategy to quality properties to deliver strong targeted returns


Cash-on-Cash Return


Return Multiple


Average Annual Return (ARR)


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Target Property:

Regal Ridge | Spokane, Washington

The Investor Cut: 80/20 Split on Cashflows & Capital Events


Minimum Investment

7 Years

Anticipated Life of Investment

Balanced Returns

Cash Flow + Appreciation



Average Return on Cash Flow

Paid Quarterly


of all cash flows & Proceeds from capital events


Internal Rate Of return

Our Process

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CEP Multifamily purchases and operates institutional grade, cash flow producing multifamily properties and delivers balanced returns.

Benefits or Partnering with CEP

(That's what the "P" in CEP stands for, after all)

Get Passive Income
(with Tax Advantages)

CEP investments generate quarterly cash distributions for shareholders in the form of passive income. Investors don’t pay ordinary tax on income received. An abundance of accelerated depreciation delivers quick benefits to the investor.

Receive Balanced Returns

CEP investments deliver quarterly cash flow and strong appreciation for a truly balanced return. CEP’s core plus investment strategy acquires the properties with the best opportunities for growth and appreciation.

Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation continues to rise while low and high demand have raised home prices keeping the rental market strong. Leases in multifamily move up as inflation increases hedging the effects of inflation. Fixed, long-term debt keeps expenses stable as well.

Join a Proven Team

The CEP Multifamily team has successfully operated and invested in multifamily real estate through multiple cycles spanning four decades. Founded in 2004, CEP owns and operates over $400 Million in institutional quality multifamily assets.

Real Estate Investing the Easy Way

Earn Passive Income with Experienced Partners in Multifamily Real Estate

Investor Testimonials

“I have been investing with CEP for a dozen years. The CEP principals are excellent people who know their business and their market. On average, the investments have over-performed expectations, providing steady cash flow, and higher than expected returns. CEP is a critical part of my investment strategy.”

Shane M.

Investor Since 2008

“I have had the pleasure of working with the principals at CEP Investments and I can confidently say that they are individuals of the highest integrity. They go above and beyond to find sensible investments that provide predictable and regular cash flow, which has been a valuable addition to my portfolio as a tech investor. Their expertise and commitment to their clients is unparalleled and I highly recommend CEP Investments to anyone looking for a trusted investment partner.”

Alex Gounares

Investor Since 2008