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Providing Access to
Multifamily Investments

At CEP Multifamily, our goal is to acquire fundamentally sound institutional-quality multifamily assets in Pacific Northwest markets where we see future economic growth and opportunities to improve the value of the assets. We then seek to improve the properties through a disciplined approach to asset management and revenue-enhancing initiatives to generate compelling, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our Direct
Investment Program

The CEP Direct Investment Program is open to all accredited investors.  Simply register with us and complete a consultation with our investor relations team to begin receiving investment opportunities from CEP.

Once you are registered, we present you with individual investment opportunities to review throughout the year. You maintain discretion over the specific assets into which you invest, as well as the amount you invest in an individual opportunity.

Our Core-Plus
Investment Strategy

Core, Core-Plus, Value-Add and Opportunistic are terms used to define the risk and return characteristics of a real estate investment. They range from conservative to aggressive.

We deploy a Core-Plus strategy which is synonymous with ‘income and growth’ and has a low to moderate risk profile. We increase cash flows through light property improvements, revenue enhancing services, management efficiencies, and other means. Our Core-Plus investment strategy delivers balanced returns to our investors, consisting of quarterly cash flow and long-term appreciation.

The low risk, high cash yield components of our investment program are key differentiators compared to other strategies, such as value-add and opportunistic, that offer low-to-no cash flow with a significantly higher risk profile.

Our Acquisition Criteria

CEP acquires and operates market rate, suburban, workforce housing communities throughout the Pacific Northwest, with a primary focus on the Puget Sound region. A diverse economy – led by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing – fuels demand in our region, while geographical characteristics and political barriers serve to limit supply.

We target properties located in secondary and tertiary markets with strong linkages to employment and services. The properties are typically 100+ unit garden-style communities built since the 1980s.

Our Active
Management Team

CEP has decades of experience operating multifamily assets. We maximize operational efficiencies to drive cash flow at each of our properties – something we call “asset management alpha”.

Over that same period, we have developed strong relationships across the region giving us access to investments that are not yet on the market positioning our investors for insider opportunities.

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