Coast Equity Partners is now CEP Multifamily!

Since our founding in 2004, Coast Equity Partners (CEP) has created significant brand equity and earned distinction as a counterparty of choice amongst property owners and brokers in the multifamily market. More importantly we have earned the trust of our investors as an owner/operator that delivers reliable investment yield through our product expertise and asset management alpha. As we have continued to grow, the symbiotic relationship between asset management and property management has become increasingly critical to our ongoing success. It is this underlying reality – the need for cohesion between asset management (strategy) and property management (execution) to effectuate positive outcomes for our investors and for the team members and residents working and living at our properties – that served as the catalyst to bring property management in-house to CEP. This move to in-house management – and a truly vertically-integrated business model – better positions CEP for future growth and provides us the perfect opportunity to rebrand ourselves to the market in a way that better reflects our focus and the services we offer our customers.

Establishment of CEP’s Two Divisions: CEP Multifamily and CEP Residential


CEP Multifamily

New name, same engaged partners, continued commitment to investment excellence

Market participants often come to CEP looking for an equity partner. They see “Equity Partners” in our name and believe we are positioned to make equity investments in the real estate projects they sponsor. Our original name served to confuse the commercial real estate market and did not clearly state what we do.

Rebranding to CEP Multifamily positions us properly in the marketplace

CEP Multifamily deploys a core-plus investment thesis to acquire suburban workforce multifamily housing communities that deliver exceptional returns to our investors. Our new name, CEP Multifamily, clearly states our business objectives, while keeping the brand equity that CEP has built over the last 16 years.

CEP Multifamily will continue to: 1) operate in the marketplace as an investment company that acquires properties according to our investment thesis; 2) serve our loyal and valued investor community; and 3) deliver asset management alpha to drive investment value.

To learn more about CEP Multifamily, visit our website at cepmultifamily.com


CEP Residential

A wholly owned, in-house property management division of CEP Multifamily

Our commitment at CEP Residential is to provide residents with an exception living experience and team members operating our properties with an inclusive and supportive work environment that enables individual advancement and collective success. This commitment to our residents and team members is deeply rooted in our core value of servant leadership – we serve others before ourselves.

CEP Residential was created to manage only the properties owned by CEP. This “first party management” focus enables true vertical integration of our company by shifting the service of property management out of the hands of 3rd party vendors, who must organize and deliver services with an eye to their business bottom line, and into the hands of a true owner-operator, whose focus is effectuating the best possible outcomes in the field, at the property level – thereby driving property value and delivering on our investment strategy for our investors.

To learn more about CEP Residential, visit our website at www.cepresidential.com.

The strategic vision of our investment and asset management team and our property management team’s day-to-day execution of that vision now live symbiotically under one roof, two halves of the whole that comprise CEP. CEP Multifamily will manage your investments while CEP Residential works tirelessly to efficiently operate the properties and serve the residents that call our properties home.

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